Sunday, July 19, 2015


Our July monthly meeting is Monday, the 20th at the CRC building located at 2057 Tyler rd. The meeting is 7-8:30pm. Our guest will be Mr. Lawson of the Twp. Planning Commissioner and Eric from Ypsi Paint.
If you haven't had the chance to sign up and be apart of  planning and volunteering for our picnic on Aug. 29th. please sign up or contact Linda at 734-483-8195. The Action teams continue to meet monthly.
Please connect to one and help life improve in West Willow. The Vandalism and Break in Action Team meets July 23rd at the CRC from 6-7pm. Also the Drug Related Action Team meets the same day at 7-8pm at the CRC.

Monday, June 15, 2015


1.NWWNA MEETING-(Monday) June 15th, 7-8:30pm at the CRC (2057 Tyler rd.) Meeting open to all residents and supporters. Guest is Magistrate Mark Nelson, 14th District Court.
2. Amenities Action Meeting- June 16th at CRC. 4-6pm.
3. West Willow Community Garden- Meets every Tuesday 4-6pm., weather permitting. Open to all residents of WW. Come out and make this year's garden the BEST! In memory of the VICTORY GARDENS after World War II the fence has been painted red/white/blue. Come out and find out about the contest connected to the Aug.14-16th celebration at Yankee Museum.(find more info on line on their web). Can't meet on Tuesday contact Joann(734-845-7362)or Linda (734-483-8195) to set up another time for more residents.
4. @nd H4H House Dedication- Sunday June 21st at 959 Desoto , 1-2:30pm. Pop in for the ceremony at 1pm or anytime tell 2:30pm to meet and view the house. Refreshments will be served.
5. FREE summer Playground Program- June 22-Aug. 14, 2015 -- Summer camp in West Willow has a new location and provider. It will be held at Greater Faith Transition Center(formerly Kaiser School), 670 Onandaga. It will run Mon.-Friday, 11-4pm. Early registration has been going on at the CRC all month. You may continue to sign up at camp on the 1st day and until the limit is met. The long time partnering supporter with NWWNA will now be it's only provider this year. A special thank you to Jon Keith of Washtenaw Cty. Parks and Recreation Dept. for their long time commitment to NWWNA and West Willow Youth. In 2014 Linda Mealing announced it was her last year to volunteerly plan and be Director/Supervisor on sight for summer camp due to new personal commitment to family and friends. With no one stepping up from the community WCPR announced it would continue forward with camp in 2015. NWWNA would like to thank WCPR for their many years of support and their new role in providing a safe and productive place for the youth of West Willow.
6. NWWNA /Habitat Neighborhood Picnic- Aug.29th, 11-5pm. at West Willow Park. Residents are needed to be a part of the planning committee. Please contact Linda at 734-483-8195 or other Board members to sign up and make this a great picnic.

Monday, June 1, 2015


Funding available for late property taxes and mortgages. Up to $30,000 per qualifying household. Information at or call 866-946-7432. Times running out so apply today!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Ypsi Pride Day

YPSI PRIDE DAY- May 16th, 9am -2pm. - This day was started by college students years ago as a day to beautify the city and involve the community working together. It has continued to strive for that goal by involving more and more people. Please come out today and join us at the CRC, 2057 Tyler rd. You will be assigned a job to beautif  the neighborhood of West Willow. If we have enough workers and time permit we will be reaching out to help the elderly of West Willow. Please come to the CRC if you know of someone who made need help.


Please come out Monday, May 18th at 7-8:30pm to NWWNA resident's monthly meeting. It is held at the CRC Building at 2057 Tyler rd. At this meeting our special guest will be Washtenaw Cty. Road Commissioner, Rutherford Pool, and a rep. from the talking about help for foreclosures. The cty. program is about to end and you need to apply now! We will also have our regular reps. from the fire dept., police dept., twp. dept. and updates from our ACT group that have been addressing specific problems in West Willow. COME OUT AND MEET YOUR NEIGHBORS. BE ACTIVE FOR CHANGE. SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING. For more information contact Linda at 734.483.8195.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Educational Forum on Expunged Records

When: April 30th at 6pm.  
Location: Greater Faith Tradition, 670 Onondaga  (old Kaiser School)
Hosted by: Judge Debra Thomas

Vadalism/Break-in meeting

Please come to a meeting today, April 30th. at 11am- noon at the CRC (2057 Tyler rd.). We will discuss ways to not be a victim, look out for neighbors and ways to assist the police and Citizen Patrol. Call for 734-483-8195 for more info.

West Willow's First Habitat Home Dedication

You're all invited to attend the dedication of the 1st Habitat home in West Willow. It will all take place on Sunday, May 3rd. at 3pm. The location is 1201 Desoto. Please come out and meet our new neighbor Kim. We are so excited and so happy. Thank you Habitat.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sheriif Clayton to attend meeting tomorrow, April 20, 2015

Please come out and pass the word that Clayton will be one of the visitors at tomorrows meeting. Don't miss the opportunity to have him answer your questions, concern and or give appreciation. Meeting starts at 7pm at the CRC, 2057 Tyler rd. See you then.  Invite neighbors and friends.

West Willow Community Action Teams (ACT'S)

Please excuse the disorder of this bog. For some reason I'm unable to change it and get rid of the misaligning. Sorry.

 If you haven't joined one of the action teams that started in Dec. 2014 please see information below and join one today. The teams usually meet once a month at the CRC ( 2057 Tyler rd.). Some have already met for this month so look for the date of the next meeting date either here or West Willow Facebook or

Drug Activity- Met yesterday, Sat., April 18th. at 5pm. Asking residents to keep a look out for
                                       possible drug houses. Educating residents on how to spot drug activity, track
                                       and report it. Please come out and join this group as we tackle one of
                                       important issues the residents are concerned about stopping.

Access to Amenities - Next meet May 12, 2015 at 6-7pm.
                                      Working on development of vacant area near West Willow to boast economy.
                                      Wish to have a Round Table for residents, township and county officials.
                                      Seeking grants.
Vandalism/Break-ins-  Meeting set for April 30,  11-noon    
                                       Working toward elimination break-ins by working with police department,
                                       some  citizen patrol members, sharing educational ideas and how not be a
                                       victim. Since it's warmed up break-in have been on the rise! We need to
                                       have a plan in action now! SEE SOMETHING. DO SOMETHING.
                                       REPORT.  Call 911. Contact: 734-483-8195 or 734-478-6331
Lighting, Litter, Trash and Debris-  Meeting again in May, date unknown
                                       Improving the area. Encouraging residents to obey ordinances
                                       and keep their yards clean. Working with township and county officials for
Youth Activities -       May 2nd. at noon
                                      Scheduling activities for youth.Partnering with existing youth programs and
                                     bringing them to West Willow.
                                     Connecting with West Willow churches and informing residents of youth and
                                     family opportunities. They envision that West Willow would "get our youth
                                     back" from poor influences that can distract them.
Neighbor Relationships- Meeting May 6th. at 6pm                           
                                     Work on more community activities such as block parties and yard sales.
                                     More communications between residents. " Each 1 reach 1". More peace
                                     and contentment. Less crime in West Willow.   

Monday, March 30, 2015

Street Sweeping in the Township

Please park in your driveway the week of March 31 - April 4 so your street can benefit the street sweepers this week.

Public Meeting and Updates For the RACER TRUST/old GM PLANT

 come out and be informed
come out and be heard

DATE: April 21, 2015
TIME: 5:30PM -8PM
LOCATION: New Covenant Missionary Baptist Church, 2345 Tyler Rd., Ypsi.

   Summary presentation related to site status and remedy selection to treat contaminated ground water. For more information contact Kevin Lund, Remediation and Redevelopment Division, 517-780-7846; or e-mail at:<>

Cancelling meeting for West Willow Women in Action (WWWIA)

Because of lack of interest and attendance WWWIA will not meet the 1st Monday of each month. We will re-look at the desire and need to restart this group in the future.  Please consider joining one of the actions groups that have formed to make improvements in our community. A special thanks to the few who came out and shared in this group. For more information and/or comments call 734-483-8195.