Saturday, October 13, 2012


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Monday, October 15, 2012 7:00-8:30pm
Community Resource Center (CRC)
2057 Tyler Road

                               I.            Welcome – 7:00pm – 5 mins
                            II.            Safety Report 7:05pm – 20 mins
a.       Fire Department
b.      WCSO Crime Report
c.       Citizen Patrol
                         III.            Township Report – 7:25pm – 10 mins
                         IV.            September Meeting Minutes Approval – 7:35pm – 5 mins
                            V.            October Treasurer’s Report Approval – 7:40pm – 5 mins
                         VI.            CRC Activities – 7:45pm – 10 mins
a.       Telling It (for teens ages 10-15): Thursday, 4:00-5:45pm
b.      West Willow Women in Action: Tuesday, 6:00-8:00pm
                      VII.            CTC Grant Application – 7:55pm 5 mins
                   VIII.            State & National Elections (Tuesday, Nov. 6th) – 8:00pm – 15 mins
                         IX.            Outgoing board C&B clerical recommendations – 8:15pm – 10 mins
                            X.            NWWNA Election Nominations – 8:25pm – 5 mins
                         XI.            Adjourn – 8:30pm

IMPORTANT DATES à   October 23rd, 9am – Board Meeting
(all meetings @ CRC)                       November 19th 7pm – Annual Meeting/Elections
November 20th 9am – Board Meeting
December 4th 7pm – Board Transition Mtg (no public mtg in Dec)

Constitution & Bylaws -- Voted Version Dated 9/17/12 and Outgoing Recommendations

The current NWWNA board has been reviewing the Constitution & Bylaws throughout the 2012 calendar year, and we have found several areas where terms, rules, and definitions could be clarified.

In an effort to help the incoming board to have a record of our recommendations and for the membership to consider these changes, we have posted the current document and the recommended changes below.

The changes are also outlined on the back (page 2) of the October Meeting Agenda.

Current Version Dated 9/17/12

NWWNA Constitution & Bylaws Outgoing Board Recommendations 101312

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