Friday, August 9, 2013


This year our annual picnic will be September 7, 2013 at the West Willow Park. The time will be noon - 4pm. THE PICNIC THIS YEAR WILL BE POTLUCK with some food provided. So get out that favorite recipe and come share it with your neighbors!! There will be a special presentation and dedication at the CRC in honor of Mrs. Margaret Chun at 1pm. Many more things are being planned and we hope to get each church in West Willow involved in some way. This event truly needs to be a community events. We welcome partners and a limited space for organization to come out and share there info in personalized booths. If you would like to set up a booth or if you're willing to help in anyway please contact Linda Mealing at 734-483-8195. Some of the help needed is set-up, clean up, cookers and servers. Financial or item donations are welcomed.


There is only one week left of camp in West Willow. This year the camp averaged 30 - 40 kids and ran for 9 weeks under the leadership of Mrs. Heather Northway. Our long time volunteer coordinator, Linda Mealing stepped down this year and field in as a volunteer. Some of the activities the campers participated in where Arts and Crafts with special visits from Fly Art. There where visits from the Leslie Science and Nature Center who brought out snakes, turtles, lizards, an owl and other feathered friends. Fayne Stoner and her assistant from Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation brought a live duck and chicken! On other weeks they brought in stuffed birds and furs that kept everyones attention as they told all the  facts about each one of them. One of the campers was able to share the excitement of spotting a few humming birds around his grandma house on Eugene St. If he had not heard about them at camp he may not of noticed there small bodies and fast moving wings. Another  new person on the scene was Mr. Kevin who motived the kids with special games and crafts. On Mondays and Wednesday our long time partner Growing Hope put in another summer of informing our youth of the many good nutritional choices in food. In there garden they planted beans, tomatoes, greens/lettuce, and squash. Today there will be a visit from Drummunity.  Lori Fithian will have as many as 10-20 drums to show the youth. She will also allow some to test them out with their own special beat. The show starts at 12:30pm today.

A special thanks to our partnering families, Washtenaw County Parks and Recs. who provide some of the staff , financial support and a trip to Rolling Hills and Independent Lake, the funding from the HUD Sustainable Communities challenge Planning Grant(CCPG), Growing Hope and the volunteers  from West Willow.  Words are not enough to thank all these organizations and people!  It will be hard to tell the campers good bye but we are proud to know that our youth had a safe and fun place to visit all summer long.