Monday, October 5, 2015


A lots been going on to beautify our neighborhood and meet the needs of the residents. Habitat has started rehabbing house number 3. It is located at 1041 Nash. There was a large turnout for the kick off on Oct.1st. 
Work began again on the Fence Project (replacing fence on McCartney) and more and more resident have come out to help. Lots of fencing still needs to go up so I hope volunteers are plenty.  We are scheduled to work on the fence Fridays and Saturdays, 9-4pm tell Nov. 21st. Lunch provided!! It's been great partnering with Habitat of Huron Valley. A special thanks to Shataura Clayborne, West Willow Community  Coordinator (h4h) for her relentless hours dedicated to West Willow.

Today, Oct. 5, 2015 Mi-Work begins providing service out of the CRC at 10am to noon. Come out and see how you can receive training and land a job. They will be at the CRC the 1st Monday of the month to assist  the residents. Come and see what it's all about.  Pass the word to our young people and anyone in need of a job.

 Saturday, Oct. 10th will be a Community Clean-Up Day so there maybe a break from the fence project. But it would be great to have enough volunteers to do both! Projects have been sited throughout the community that will be worked on. Please let us know if you have some ideas or know of a senior who could use some help.

The Community Garden is just about done growing for this season. The cold weather crops are striving and will be available for a little longer. Thank you to all those who worked in the garden.Those I know of are Joan McCollum, Kelly, Lula Jackson and friend, Clayton Glover, young people from Eugene street and myself.  Paul , Clayton and (I believe) Aaron helped keep the yard and garden trimmed all summer long. Thanks everyone.

We appreciate Peggy and Jim Kofahi who stepped up to fill the position of Treasurer and chairperson of the Citizen Patrol. There is still room for more people to fill positions on the  executive board. Please contact Linda Mealing at 734-483-8195 for more information and questions.

The Action  Teams are regrouping and looking for new members. Please connect with a group so we can continue on with plans for youth activities, improvements throughout the community, family events and making West Willow a safer place to live. After school Tutoring is now taking place at New Covenant Missionary Baptist Church and Greater Faith Tradition has Tuesday night programs for young people.

Thank you, thank you Lowe's for the grant that has allowed so much improvements to be possible.

The picnic in August was fantastic. Thanks to everyone who helped make it possible. All the volunteer workers made it happen. Appreciations will be announced at the November 16th yearly Potluck. We hope to have it at  New Covenant Church and are waiting for a confirmation. So please check back or look for more info.

West Willow is on the MOVE to a better and safe community. Step up and be apart of the CHANGE. SEE A PROBLEM , LET'S TAKE ACTION AND BE A PART OF THE SOLUTION.

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