Sunday, January 9, 2011

New West Willow Neighborhood Association
The New West Willow Neighborhood Association (NWWNA) is the non-profit neighborhood association (CERTIFIED 501.C3) of the West Willow neighborhood. The West Willow community is located within the triangular area of Ypsilanti Township bounded by I-94, Ecorse Road and Willow Run Airport, and was developed in the 1950's as housing for manufacturing workers. As a neighborhood, we benefit from a unique history, diversity amongst our neighbors, and an engaged neighborhood association. 
Our purpose is:
  • To develop a safe and healthy community for all
  • To support education of our children
  • To promote the welfare and safety of our children
  • To create and maintain a clean and beautiful neighborhood
Association Meetings:
  • 2nd Monday of each month
  • All meetings begin at 7pm
  • School year meeting are at Kaiser School, 670 Onandaga
  • Summer meetings are at the Community Resource Center, 2057 Tyler

Next General Membership Meeting
January 10, 2010 @7pm at Kaiser Elementary School
View the NWWNA neighborhood improvement plan presentation. Details

New West Willow Neighborhood Association Sign Established in December 2010 

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1 comment:

Scarlett Letter "F" said...

I grew up in West Willow, and I've seen good times and bad times. I still live here, and hope that these signs and some of the programs the NWWNA is implementing will bring our kids back into the community and out of apathy. Thanks for your hard work!

Claudia Small
Nash Ave