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Notes from Ypsilanti Township Board of Trustees meeting 6/21

By-Monica Ross-Williams                                                                                                                     NWWNA Governmental Advisory Board Member
Ypsilanti Township Parks Commissioner

The Ypsilanti Township Board of Trustees general meeting occurred on Tuesday, June 21, 2011. Various issues that would impact and/or effect the West Willow Community were discussed. Here is a summary of the topics highlighted at Tuesday's meeting.

-Bosal International located at 1476 Seaver Way Ypsilanti, Michigan was approved for a Township tax abatement. In addition, the company will be seeking additional tax incentives from both federal and state resources.  

Ypsilanti Township Civic Center                                 Image via WikipediaWith the Board of Trustees approving the tax abatement for Ypsilanti Township community, Bosal spokesperson Bruce Wager stated with the incentive, the goal is to build additional production lines at the facility, adding about 150 local employment opportunities in the near future. 

"Consider hiring our residents (in Ypsilanti Township)," Supervisor Brenda Stumbo stated to Bosal before the entire board voted in favor of the tax abatement". "A lot of people in the area have been laid off and could use these jobs."

Bosal spokesperson noted that the company has hired a majority of their current employees from the Ypsilanti Township area and plan to continue adding jobs locally, with the new production lines at the facility.

-Ypsilanti Township Attorney Doug Winters cited the purposed "Willow Run Aeropolis" (at the site of the former GM Powertrain location)-which would add a air, train and ground transportation hub for businesses/commuters in Southeastern Michigan, if finally approved. The site would add up to 150 new jobs into the area. 

Ypsilanti Township continues to be in discussions with official in Wayne County and the state of Michigan for the development process of this proposed project.

-Attorney Winters also noted that the continuing public nuisance of the Daily Mart at 2375 Grove Road -which included up to three incidents of selling alcohol to minors that lead to a 60 day suspension of their liquor license in April/May 2011-is still being worked on behalf of Ypsilanti Township residents. The Ypsilanti Township Board of Trustees plan to move forward to request the Michigan Liquor Commission revoke the Dairy Mart's spirits license, permanently. 

Atty. Winters cited one incident after the 60 day suspension was lifted that a convicted felon was hired by the store owner as the "store security" and a recent incident involving minor violence fighting event at the store, for reasons why the Township would continue to pursue a liquor license revoke of this location. 

A special meeting will be called in July 2011 for Ypsilanti Township residents to discuss their opinions on the Dairy Mart location, while the Township make the appeal to revoke the license to the Michigan Liquor Commission.

-Burning Bush International Church at 2069 Tyler Road in Ypsilanti, Michigan (West Willow Community) currently, was approved in a first reading to move their worship location to 770 James L. Hart Parkway in Ypsilanti, Michigan. A second reading on the measure will take place at the July 2011 Board of Trustees meeting. 

The amended planning development of Burning Bush Church was approved with the following conditions by the Township Board: No day care, preschool or early educational facility at the location due to its' proximity to industrial locations, landscaping of property location would be required and no parcel usage allowed at the location.  

-Purposed new development in Ypsilanti Township -Spirits Restaurant at 2711 Rawsonville Road in Belleville, Michigan (Ypsilanti Township Property) was approved a food services Liquor Operational License. Formerly, the building housed a Lonestar Steakhouse restaurant. 

The restaurant spokesperson D'Wayne Turner stated that the theme of the location will be a India based food cuisine, along with a lounge location nightly, with live music. A spokesperson  also noted that Spirits, will be hiring local employees to Monica RW of the Reach Out Job Search News Blogafter the development is complete.

-Water and sewer governmental operator YCUA was approved in their request of the Ypsilanti Township Board of Trustees to increase residential and business rates by 5.3%. The average residential costs increase Township residents will increase between $2.47 to $4.52 monthly, depending on water usage. 

The request of the increase was to the increased retirement and operational costs, a YCUA spokesperson cited during the meeting.

-The first reading of the purpose Ypsilanti Township Dog Ordinance , requiring "Backyard Breeders" to have a permit and meet certain conditions to operate a dog birthing business, was approved by the Ypsilanti Township Board of Trustees. Township governmental officials have and continue to work jointly with the Humane Society of Huron Valley and members of the local AKC organization for final approval of the proposal. 

"Backyard breeding is a business," Jenny Paillon Director of the HSHV Clinic Operations cited. " Many of these breeders are selling the animals without the proper vaccinations, behavioral training or history and when these owners call the breeders with issues on the dog, they are avoiding their calls".  

More information on the purposed Ypsilanti Township "Backyard Breeder" ordnance can be found on the Ann website

To stay abreast of information on local governmental operations, meetings and proposals, please visit the Charter Township Ypsilanti Government Website.

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