Thursday, May 8, 2014


This Saturday, May 10th West Willow residents will have the opportunity to share in a YPSI PRIDE  PRE-AWARENESS DAY. It will take place 11-1pm at the CRC and thru out West Willow.  It is an opportunity to help promote YPSI PRIDE DAY which will be May 17th, 9am- noon.  You ask what's YPSI PRIDE DAY, it's People Restoring Image and Developing the Environment through a city-wide clean up. It's a day to roll up your sleeves and volunteer to better the appearance of your neighborhood. So come on West Willow residents let's pitch in and beautify our surroundings with clean streets (get that trash and  those leaves up), clean our entrance ways, park, walk & bike trail, prepare the grounds at the CRC for summer camp and plant some flowers! I'm proud of where I live!  I want others to be proud too and let's show why were proud. The more volunteers the more will be done. So please make time and come out May 17th. Gather your yard tools and meet at the CRC (2057 Tyler Rd.) at 9am  on the 17th and let's get started.  A free lunch will be provided by the sponsors. Pre-register for a free t-shirt. Contact Joann McCollum at 734.845.7365 for signing up and more details.
This Saturday, May 10th will also be a day to get info about all our new adventures and partnership with H4H, Paint Ypsi and info on this summer camp that will run June 23rd - Aug. 15th, 2014, Mon.-Fri., 11- 4pm.  Pre- registration will take place May 23rd, 4-6pm and May 24th, 9-11am at the CRC. After that you may sign up after camp begins. Camp site leader will be Linda Mealing. Contact her at 734.483.8195 for more details.

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