Monday, February 23, 2015

Speaking up Works!

On February 17th at the Ypsilanti Township Board meeting, three West Willow residents spoke regarding drug houses in our neighborhood. This was the outcome: Drug Activity at a rental house is not accepted and a warning letter will be sent to the landlord and his/her property will be padlocked for a year. This is of course after the police have been involved. Lieutenant Jim E. Anuszkiewicz was present and spoke to the West Willow residents after the meeting. He said he was going to make sure this is looked into and dealt with sooner then was planned. West Willow is on the Washtenaw County Sheriff's high priority because we spoke up, that is what he said. If you want to hear this first hand his number is: 734-714-9907/

written by Joann McCollum, Vice President of NWWNA.(also posted in

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