Sunday, April 19, 2015

West Willow Community Action Teams (ACT'S)

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 If you haven't joined one of the action teams that started in Dec. 2014 please see information below and join one today. The teams usually meet once a month at the CRC ( 2057 Tyler rd.). Some have already met for this month so look for the date of the next meeting date either here or West Willow Facebook or

Drug Activity- Met yesterday, Sat., April 18th. at 5pm. Asking residents to keep a look out for
                                       possible drug houses. Educating residents on how to spot drug activity, track
                                       and report it. Please come out and join this group as we tackle one of
                                       important issues the residents are concerned about stopping.

Access to Amenities - Next meet May 12, 2015 at 6-7pm.
                                      Working on development of vacant area near West Willow to boast economy.
                                      Wish to have a Round Table for residents, township and county officials.
                                      Seeking grants.
Vandalism/Break-ins-  Meeting set for April 30,  11-noon    
                                       Working toward elimination break-ins by working with police department,
                                       some  citizen patrol members, sharing educational ideas and how not be a
                                       victim. Since it's warmed up break-in have been on the rise! We need to
                                       have a plan in action now! SEE SOMETHING. DO SOMETHING.
                                       REPORT.  Call 911. Contact: 734-483-8195 or 734-478-6331
Lighting, Litter, Trash and Debris-  Meeting again in May, date unknown
                                       Improving the area. Encouraging residents to obey ordinances
                                       and keep their yards clean. Working with township and county officials for
Youth Activities -       May 2nd. at noon
                                      Scheduling activities for youth.Partnering with existing youth programs and
                                     bringing them to West Willow.
                                     Connecting with West Willow churches and informing residents of youth and
                                     family opportunities. They envision that West Willow would "get our youth
                                     back" from poor influences that can distract them.
Neighbor Relationships- Meeting May 6th. at 6pm                           
                                     Work on more community activities such as block parties and yard sales.
                                     More communications between residents. " Each 1 reach 1". More peace
                                     and contentment. Less crime in West Willow.   

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