Friday, August 7, 2015


We are in need of more people to help get our picnic completely planned.  It is scheduled for Aug.29th, noon-5pm. and located in the West Willow Park. Areas you can help with are: supplying a cooker, helping with cooking, serving, planning events of the day, set-up crew, clean up -crew, etc. At the picnic we will having: food, non-profit vendor booth, youth games, cake walk(cakes needed), Balling the Willow basketball play offs, baseball game, West Willow churches, school supplies( 1st come 1st serve while they last), gifts to pass on and more! DO YOU HAVE IDEAS OR CONTRIBUTIONS? Contact someone on the NWWNA Board. My number is Linda @ 734-483-8195 for directions to the picnic planner.

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