Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Volunteers needed to pass out Flyers

This Saturday, May 14, 2016 we will be passing out flyers in West Willow and need you to volunteer. This will be a part of the Interrupters partnering with community to get the word out when needed. There will be special pages in the bundles passed out in West Willow just for West Willow residents.We ask that you read all the content carefully, inform your family members and be sure to save the door knocker that should be posted in your home as a reference for Safety Practices for home and self. These were published and printed with the grant money from LOWE'S.
 So if you signed up in a NWWNA meeting to pass out flyers you are needed on Saturday. If you have not had the chance to sign up but want to help, contact me or just show up  at the Perry school Parking lot at 10:30am for the KICK OFF that includes food and  registration. If that doesn't work for you just meet at the CRC (2057 Tyler) around noon.  You can walk for 30 mins. or longer. We need to get this info out to parents and inform our youth. Info include curfew and noise violations. WCSO will be enforcing these laws through Ypsi and Ypsi Township especially this summer. The bundles are already prepared, we just need YOU. Pass the word so we have losts of helpers. We want to be a community that is informed and ready to enforce.  That means if we want a lawful and peaceful community this summer and all year round we will have to be willing to call 911  or  the non-emergency number(734-994-2911) or the Ordinance Dept. (734-485-4393) to  keep our police force accountable to ENFORCE the law. Go to for more information or contact Linda at 734-483-8195.


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